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The Southern Illinois University Office of Workforce Innovation and Research works to provide high quality online training opportunities that allow one to gain needed skills sought by employers in the State of Illinois and nationwide.

24 Hour Access

Access your courses when it is convenient for you. Workforce Instruction courses are accessible 24/7, 7 days-a-week. 

This is training scheduled for your life. 

Groups and Organizations

Does your organization or group need training? Save the cost of a training officer and let Workforce Instruction build courses that meet your needs. 


Are you ready to invest in yourself and take steps to advance in your industry or  professional career? Check Workforce Instruction courses to see if we offer a course of interest.

Want to learn more?

To find out more about what the Office of Workforce Innovation and Research can do for you or your organization, please send us an email or give a call. 

Work at your own pace.
Make learning convenient and fun

The courses available on Workforce Instruction make it easy to match your desire to learn to your busy schedule.

Why choose

Workforce Instruction?

Reaching Your Goals

Sometimes, reaching your goals requires a little assistance. Let us help you be your best you.

Workforce Investment

With labor being the highest cost for many businesses, why not make sure your workforce is as prepared for success as they can be. Their success is your business's success.

Busy Schedules

Real-life schedules sometimes make investing in yourself a very difficult hurdle. We work to remove those obstacles.

Return On Investment

Multiple studies have shown wide-ranging ROIs on their employee training initiatives. Accenture calculated an up to 353% ROI on their investment in learning. While we do not claim that type of return for all industries and businesses, it does show the potential return on your training investment.