DSP Information

Thank you for your interest in the Southern Illinois University Direct Support Personnel Training program

There is a cost associatee with our training, however, it is covered under the Staff Training Billing and Reimbursement Process within the Illinois Department Of Human Services. To learn more about the reimbursement process, click here the following link: Staff Training Billing and Reimbursement Process

Our Program

Matching Illinois’ DSP training curriculum, our program is broken into 6 unique modules. Our program can be purchased as a complete course, or individual modules if smaller, single purchases work best for you or your organization.    



Full Course

Full course, including all six modules


Individual Modules

Module 1. Introduction to developmental disabilities


Module 2. Human Rights


Module 3. Abuse and Neglect, Prevention and Interaction


Module 4. Human Interaction and Communication


Module 5. Individual Service Plan Development and Implementation


Module 6. Introduction to Basic Health and Safety

    Module six includes:

    -Human Growth and development

    -Vital Signs and Symptoms


    -Assisting with the activities of daily living

    -Environmental and Individual Safety


For more information, you are welcome to visit the following pages:

DSP Training Course Demo Video: http://workforceinstruction.com/

DSP Training Course: https://training.directsupportpersonnel.com/courses/

For further information, please contact us at the email address: traindsp@siu.edu